TCC081 Series PLC Communication Chips

TCC081 series narrow band high-speed PLC communication chips (mainly include model TCC081E and TCC081F) are independently researched and developed by Topscomm.

  • Item NO.:

    TCC081E, TCC081F
  • Product Origin:

    Qingdao, China
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TCC081 series power line communication chipset are equipped with communication relay, power line carrier node listens and automatic report functions, have realized reliable data exchange between electronic terminal devices which are based on power line communication network. The chips are mainly used in the applications of meter reading, indoor terminal inquiry, street light control applications etc., providing the power industry and the other public utilities with advanced smart metering and controlling solutions.

Main Parameters:

  • 1. 5V power supply
  • 2. Communication rate
PLC on each phase: 50bps, 100bps, 600bps, 1200bps;
Communication ports: 1200bps, 2400bps, 4800bps,9600bps.
  • 3. Communication protocol: DLT/645, DLMS/COSEM transparent transmission
  • 4.Single node management
  • 5. Hardware configuration for single phase and three phase
  • 6.Operation temperature: -40℃~+85℃
  • 1.Advanced application functions
a)Automatically realize station area distinction;
b)Automatic search meters;
c)Phase distinction management;
d)Line abnormal identification;
e)L/N reciprocal identification;
f) transient freezing;
g) Low voltage line loss management;
h)Precise time, rapid PLC networking;
i) Rapid reporting of events, etc.
  • 2.High reliability
a)Spread spectrum communication technology;
b)High performance digital signal processing technology;
c)High efficiency of the frame relay forwarding mechanism (16 levels);
d)Providing accurate node information (phase, channel characteristics);
e)Single node management.
  • 3.Support DLMS/COSEM transparent transmission mode
  • 4.Settle various key technical challenges
a) High rise building’s variable frequency pump noise;
b) Electric bicycles charger noise;
c) Reliability of carrier communication in complex area.
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