PLC Router Communication Module

The PLC Router Communication Module is equipped with the latest Topscomm power line carrier communication technology, has been widely used in Topscomm smart communication terminals and energy data acquisition terminals.

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    PLC Router Module
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Main technical parameters for PLC Router module

Serial port rate 9600bps,115200bps
Carrier communication rate 50bps, 100bps, 600bps, 1200bps
Frequency 45Hz~54Hz, 56Hz~64Hz
Operating voltage Strong electric power interface: Three phase four wire, Un=220VAC
Feeder return circuit power source:+12V DC
Operating voltage:+5V DC, +3.3V DC
Operating voltage range
Strong electric power interface: Three phase four wire, 0.8Un~1.2Un
Feeder return circuit power source:Udc=6.5V~24V
Operating voltage: Udc=5V±0.25V, +3.3V ±0.3V
Operating temperature -40℃~﹢85℃
Relative humidity ≤95%
Power consumption
On communication <1.4W(Full load on feeder return circuit, voltage 10.5V)
Communication range The whole transformer area
The max. relay level 15

  • 1. The master node address of the router is set according to the terminal address by data concentrator;
  • 2.The router is able to achieve meter reading by means of quick networking, logging, trying, node listening, carrier rate choosing, automatic relay technologies or other technologies without the data concentrator's interference;
  • 3.Complies with multiple communication protocols such as IEC 61334, DLMS/COSEM, Q/GDW376.2-2009, Q/GDW1376.2-2013;
  • 4.Automatic communication rate choosing, able tot achieve a good balance between the meter reading rate and overcoming the tough communication environment;
  • 5.Complies with three-phase zero-cross operation, effectively protect the devices such as leakage protector from malfunction, to improve the meter reading rate of the transformer area;
  • 6. With strict time sequence control of three-phase transmission;
  • 7.Equipped with high-integrated processor and memory, improve the reliability and also reduce the cost.

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