The Key Equipment of Smart Grid System——DCU
Feb 27 , 2021

Data concentrator unit (DCU) is the key equipment of Smart Grid system, utilizing GPRS, CDMA or Ethernet to communicate with the MDMS and electricity meters. It’s a microcomputer intelligent acquisition terminal including the functions of acquisition, statistic and wireless communication.

DCU can collect the data of meters and sensors located throughout the grid, then process and transmit the data to MDMS systems for utility companies. It can also transmit commands from the MDMS to the meter. DCU makes the power grid “smart” by the addition of two-way communications.

Additionally, with the functions of transformer monitoring, data statistic, phase recognition, etc., DCU is available to improve the efficiency of collection and reduce the line loss.

TOPSCOMM data concentrator unit has our own core technical features:

1. Self-designed Structure: Each component is separately injection-molded and then assembled together automatically. Product assembly includes the assembly of circuit boards, cases, terminal wiring, transformers, LCD screen, etc. Our self-designed clip-on terminals and push-button connectors enable automated assembly and welding possible.

2. Customization: TOPSCOMM Linux System developed with deep customization and innovation has advantages like quick booting, fast response (1ms for real-time process), securely stored data (anti-cyberattack), auto recover data.

3. High Reliability: Bases on TOPSCOMM unique solution and Linux System, main controlling chip and high speed DDR storage packed together, which makes the system highly integrated and stable.

4. Self-designed AC-DC: The AC-DC electronic transformer has wide range of input voltage: 57.7-415V. Our DCU integrate AC-DC power supply and the main control and functional circuit in one single circuit board, so the output power supports the maximum power consumption of the communication module. 

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