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    Distribution Automation and Management Solution Oct 08, 2016
    Distribution Automation and Management Solution Summary Distribution Automation and Management Solution is an integrated system which put the information of power distribution network real-time/offline users, power grid structure parameters and geography together. Taking advantage of electronic technology, communication technology and network technology, this system is available to realize comprehensive automation of monitoring, protection, control, and distribution management. Architecture Main Advantages: 1.Improve the reliability of power supply. Shorten the time of fault discrimination, insulation, and non-fault section recovery, in addition, to reduce the huge losses caused by the grid fault; 2.Improve power quality. Provide the best quality electricity energy to the user; 3.Improve service level of utilities; 4.Improve the economic benefit of distribution network operation. Improve the utilization rate of equipment, reduce the reserve capacity, lower the cost of distribution operation maintenance and line loss and maximize the economic benefits of enterprises; 5.The rapid development of distribution automation promotes the scientific planning of primary equipment of distribution network, and ensures the long-term sustainable development of distribution system. Master Station Software System Topscomm Distribution Management System (DMS) Topscomm distribution management system (DMS) is a whole set integrated system for analysis, simulation and operation of electric power generation, transmission and distribution. This system is developed under an established quality assurance program and has been widely used as high reliability electrical power automation system software. System Module Diagram System Main Functions: 1.SCADA system monitoring 2.Feeder automation 3.GIS and management 4.Operation simulation 5.Distribution dispatching anti-maloperation 6.Interface with other systems
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