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Water/Gas/Heat & Electricity Meter AMR/AMI Solution


Topscomm Water/Gas/Heat & Electricity Meter AMR/AMI Solution mainly consists of meters (water/gas/heat/electricity meters), signal converter, data concentrator, data transmission channel and master station system. The solution founds the mathematical models through data acquisition, data transmission and data analysis, and finally to realize water/heat/gas/electricity meters data reading and monitoring, to enhance the user’s energy management, to alarm & settle abnormal energy using situations, to improve energy using security and equipment protection etc.

Topscomm Water/Gas/Heat & Electricity Meter AMR/AMI Solution is applicable to broad applications such as energy companies, commercial units, residential communities etc. The solution is featured with time-saving, labor-less, high accuracy and efficiency, is effectively in reducing meter reading error, reducing energy loss and energy theft, is one of the most effective way in "reduce labor, increase efficiency" energy business.

1.Design principles

A propagable Water/Gas/Heat & Electricity Meter AMR/AMI Solution shall be equipped with following features:

Low cost: Make full use the existed terminals and communication channel of electricity, reduce invest cost;

No negative effects: Shall not have negative influence on electricity meter reading;

High adaptability: Adapt to different communication channels and meters, convenient to be upgraded, with high successful meter reading rate;

Less construction: Less construction and less maintenance.

2.System architecture

3.Key communication technologies

3.1 Advantages for M-BUS and RF communication

M-BUS communication

Hierarchical communication system (controlled  by the Host) it consists of Host, Slave and two connecting cable

A.Simple cabling: with only two communication cable,  no special cabling requirements
B.Bus  powered:  power supplied by communication cable, is suitable to water/gas/ heat meters without  own     power supply

C.Stable communication: with high anti-interference ability, is cable to ensure successful communication rate

RF communication

Frequency band: 470MHz~510MHz (as per the actual conditions), ad-hoc networking function

A.No cabling need, convenient for construction
B.Need external power supply or backup battery for water/gas/heat meters
C.Communication maybe effected by the operating environment

D.The water/gas/heat meters manufacturer are required to  adopt the same networking protocol and frequency band

4.Proposals for projects implementation

4.1 Proposals for new construction projects: such as new planning buildings, residential community, industrial areas etc.

4.2 Proposals reform projects

5. Construction scheme for Topscomm Water/Gas/Heat & Electricity Meter AMR/AMI Solution

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