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Topscomm AMI Solution


Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Solution

AMI Solution

Topscomm Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution is an integrated solution of hardware and software, which consists of smart meters, intelligent terminals, communication networks, meter data collection system (MDCS), meter data management system (MDMS). Be available to realize bidirectional communication data collection and process, dynamic pricing, load control, anti-tampering, energy management, etc.

System Architecture

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Solution

Main Functions

I. Line Loss Management. Realize line loss calculation of each district, each voltage, each line, each transformer and each phase, and improve refined line loss management level.

II. Comprehensive Inspection. Alert for power line, transformer and user of abnormal power consumption to make electricity inspector be targeted to investigate electricity larceny, and enhance success rate of anti-damper.

IIl. Orderly Power Utilization. Provide administrator with accurate load data to realize scientific and orderly power utilization.

IV. Power Utilization Inspection. Available to monitor power supply devices of key and high-risk users in real-time on-line.

V. Billing Automation. With timely, integrated and accurate electricity collection function, available to realize the whole process automation of meter reading, accounting and billing.

VI.Connection Abnormality Identification. Be available to automatically identify live and neutral line reverse connection of single phase meter and reverse phase sequence of three phase meter.

Master Station (Topscomm AMI System)

Topscomm AMI system is based on series of open standards and combined with own experiences in electric power industry, is developed on the basis of B/S framework. This system is composed of automatic meter reading, load control and power grid monitoring, meanwhile, combined with prepayment vending system to realize advanced metering management system for remote electricity presale.

Topscomm AMI System Interface

Topscomm AMI System Interface
Topscomm AMI System software application
Topscomm AMI System

System Advantages

I. Strong data process capability. This system is equipped with distributed framework design, available to disperse out communication, data collection and business process task to different servers, able to automatically distribute load, task process speed is fast;

II. Flexible task schedule mechanism. Be available to flexibly configure collection task, collect data by automatic timing or manual real-time;

III. Rich report forms show. Support flexible query criteria to show the report friendly, support convenient export functions;

IV. Compatible with various open communication protocols. Support IEC62056, DLMS/COSEM protocols.

V. Perfect Safety and Confidentiality Measure. With multilevel and fine-grained rights management function, system database, application software and communication control are equipped with strict rights management, to distribute different rights to different workers according to different job responsibilities.

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