TOPSCOMM: Power Line Carrier Leads the New Trend of Smart Grid Construction Sep 03,2016

——Source Attribution: CPNN (China Power News Network)

"The core intelligence of smart grid is based on an integrated, high-speed, two-way communication network. In the past eight years, TOPSCOMM has focused on researching and developing power line carrier technology to achieve two-way, high-speed, safe and stable data transmission on medium and low-voltage power lines.” At the 6th China International Exhibition on Smart Grid Construction Technology and Equipment held from June 29 to July 1, Qingdao Topscomm Communication Co., LTD. (referred to as "TOPSCOMM") deputy general manager Zhishuang Yuan told reporters. At the exhibition, TOPSCOMM unveiled dozens of products in 9 series, including low-voltage PLC, medium-voltage PLC, and water/gas/heat & electricity meter AMR/AMI solution, which attracted wide attention from all parties.

At present, the construction of smart grid and energy internet is in full swing in the field of China's power grid. As the core technology of these two major sectors, data transmission technology has attracted attention from all parties. Power grid enterprises have extremely strict requirements on the applicability and advancement of related technologies, and the stability and safety of related products. Major communication technology companies are organizing forces to tackle scientific and technological problems in order to gain something from the smart grid and energy internet market.

Established in 2008, TOPSCOMM has not been set up for a long time, but it is firmly rooted in the research and development and innovation of power line carrier communication technology. Currently, it has low-voltage PLC, medium-voltage PLC, and water/gas/heat & electricity meter AMR/AMI solution, smart meter, calibration station, Distribution network equipment, power quality control, new energy 9 series of more than 100 products, have the equipment supporting and technical support capabilities that "serve the entire industrial chain of the power industry". It is reported that the company has ranked first in China in terms of low-voltage PLC market share within 4 years.

In this exhibition, the series products of smart meter displayed by TOPSCOMM are equipped with metering, tariff rate control, monitoring, display, freezing, RS485 communication, infrared communication, carrier communication and other functions in one, which can realize the interconnection of smart home, building management and other equipment on the power line carrier road through broadband carrier technology.

Zhishuang Yuan told reporters at the exhibition: “Our flagship product this time has water/gas/heat & electricity meter AMR/AMI solution, which can centrally read and monitor users' water/gas/heat and electricity meters through a three-stage mathematical model of data collection, data transmission and data analysis. The solution can greatly improve user energy consumption analysis, save energy, and realize TOU charges, thereby reducing energy consumption and emissions, realizing smart and green development."

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