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Prepayment Vending Solution


Topscomm prepayment vending solution combines prepayment energy vending system with STS complied keypad energy meter or smart card energy meter or remote prepayment energy meters, achieving wide applications in residential, commercial & industrial areas. In prepayment mode, the energy users shall obey the rule of paying first and energy consumption later, which greatly helps the utilities to settle the energy charge overdue problem and bad debts problem, and also realize reducing large cost on the manual meter reading work. Meanwhile, the solution provides flexible options for users' power purchasing, to ensure it is convenient and hi-efficient to meet users' energy consumption requirements.


Main Functions

1.Obeying paying first, energy consumption later mode; reducing the energy charge collection cost and bad  debts for utilities;

2.With high efficient data processing ability and high security function, the system operates steadily and reliably;

3.With anti-tamper functions on the meters;

4.STS certified metering instruments of high security level;

5.Prepayment via tokens or cards;

6.Multiple tariff options: single tariff, TOU and step tariff;

7.Flexible power purchasing options, such as power vending station, Bank, ATM, Scratch card or Internet etc.;

8.Combined with AMI system can realize remote power loading and remote control function;

Topscomm Prepayment Vending System

Topscomm prepayment vending system is a vending management software system of paying first and energy consumption later. Being equipped with transmission medium of high encryption level, the system is available to realize the trinity of electricity selling, charge controlling and users monitoring to prevent electricity charge risk and improve charge recovery efficiency.

System Advantages

1. With advanced encryption algorithm and higher encryption level purchase information transmission medium. System security is high;

2. Flexible and variable pricing management, available to realize the functions of electricity selling, electricity price modification, overdraft and alarm limiting modification, etc. and scientific charge of electricity using;

3. Be available to realize the management of prepayment. When the remaining sum of electricity is insufficient, the meter will alarm and cut down the power supply to settle the problems of electricity recovery, stealing electricity, leakage of electricity, management confusion, etc.;

4. With simple operation, high efficient data statistics and management function, providing comprehensive statistical analysis information.

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