TC-BUS Series Communication Chipset

TC-BUS Communication Chipset consists of a group of chips, which are independently developed by Topscomm. The chips are widely used in water meter, gas meter, heat meter and energy meter reading applications combining with PLC communication technology.

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    TC-BUS Chip
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PDC (Powered Distributed Control) Master Communication Chips:

TC 100

External power component and over-current protection component, high customized drive capability;

Standard drive current≤600mA, Max. current≤ 1.8A.

TC 101

Built-in power component and over-current protection component, simple peripheral circuits;

Standard drive current≤200mA, suitable for small control system.

PDC (Powered Distributed Control) Slave Communication chips:


Regulated output:3.3V/5V,10mA, Static power consumption<100μA.


Regulated output:5V,10mA, Static power consumption<30μA;

With ESD enhance interface, with built-in digital and analog filter circuit.

The main technical parameters for PDC Bus

Min. Typical Value Max. Unit
Bus voltage
Downlink 10 24 36 V(DC)
Uplink - Constant:5 -
Drive current Little - - 0.2 A
Standard - - 0.6
High - - 1.8
Rate Downlink - 9.6 - Kbps
Uplink - 19.2 -
Distance - - 2000 m
Node capacity - - 252 -
Uploading time - 100 - ms

MPI (Multi Peer Interface) Master/Slave Communication Chips

Master and slave integration design.


Static power consumption<1mA, Communication speed up to 1Mbps.


Communication speed up to 25Mbps;

With two circuits communication backup, automatic switching; Support multi-chip parallel.

The main technical parameters for MPI Bus

Min. Typical Value Max. Unit
Bus voltage
Downlink - High: 3.8  Low:1.2 36 V(DC)
Uplink - Constant:2.1 -
Rate - - 25 Mbps
- - 2 m
Node capacity
- -
100 ms
  • 1. Topscomm independently developed and M-BUS equivalent communication chipset;
  • 2.Combined with PLC chipset are able to be widely used in: multi meters(water/gas/heat/energy meters), fire protection system, security, industrial automation, smart home and other fields;
  • 3.Independent research and development and patent owned technology: two circuit communication, power supply and support large current simultaneously;
  • 4.Strong anti-interference: built-in digital-analog mixed filter circuit;
  • 5.Strong extensibility: automatic addressing, plug and play, no polarity current, large capacity(up to 25,200 devices);
  • 6.Real-time information reporting: With interrupt mechanism.
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