Signal converter(LV PLC)

The Signal converter is used to convert power line carrier communication signal to GPRS, and achieve energy data report to the master station in low voltage automatic meter reading system.

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In the transformer areas where mobile communication signal is not covered or poor, the data concentrator fail to report the collected data via public network.

To settle the above problems, Topscomm has achieved to transmit the data on terminal devices to the host signal converter where with good signal via Topscomm high speed PLC communication solution, and then report to the master station. The biggest advantage of this solution to reduce the workload of on-site construction.

Operating voltage 220V±20%
Frequency 50Hz±5%
Power consumption 1.8W(Dynamic); 0.4W(Static)
Starting time
Communication protocol
Transparent transmission
Communication distance
Operation environment
Service life
>10 year

  • Equipped with real time communication function with master station;
  • Modular construction for communication; 
  • Automatically data report in low voltage meter reading system;
  • Support GPRS, 3G, 4G, CDMA for remote communication; support replaceable EPON, support medium-voltage PLC system;
  • Low voltage PLC for local communication channel;
  • Communication rate is adjustable according to communication conditions, to ensure the successful communication rate as well as communication efficiency;
  • Reasonable choice of communication frequency, to ensure the stable, reliable, and long-distance communication.
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