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Low Voltage PLC communication Solution


Low Voltage PLC communication Solution


Topscomm Low Voltage PLC communication solution is provided with TCC081 series chipset to realize the PLC communication function through power line communication medium. This solution is available to settle a variety of key technical problems:

  • a) High rise building’s variable frequency pump noise;
  • b) Electric bicycles charger noise;
  • c) Reliability of carrier communication in complex area.

Main features

  • a) Zero-cross communication
  • b) Node Monitoring
  • c) 3-phase simultaneous transmission
  • d) Transformer area discrimination
  • e) Search meter automatically
  • f) Phase discrimination management
  • g) Discriminating L/N transposition
  • h) Real-time freezing
  • i) Line loss analysis
  • j) Transparent task

Low Voltage PLC communication Solution

Technical Advantages

  • a) Equipped with various technologies, like fast network, log in, trial, node listening, carrier speed selections, automatic relay, etc. to finish reading meter. Concentrator master control program is not required to participate in controlling meter reading progress;
  • b) Communication protocol is confirmed with IEC61334, DLMS/COSEM(IEC62056);
  • c) Automatically select communication speed, and achieve a good balance between overcoming severe environment and improving meter reading speed;
  • d) Work while three phases cross zero separately, to efficiently prevent malfunction of electric leakage protector or other protectors, and to improve meter reading efficiency;
  • e) Strictly three-phase transmission sequence control;
  • f) High-integrated processor and memory, not only improve stability, but also reduce cost.
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