What’s the In-home display of smart meter?
Nov 25 , 2020

The smart meter system consists of two parts - the smart meter, which records information such as consumption of energy, current, voltage, etc., and the In-home display (IHD) - a portable screen that shows you how much energy you're using and how much it's costing you. The smart meter and IHD work together to ensure you receive accurate information about your energy use.

In-home displays are portable devices that can be placed anywhere in your home. They communicate with smart meter to get how much energy you're using and show you. There are a variety of settings which allow you to view your energy usage hours, weekly or monthly. This means you can manage your costs and budgets more accurately. Detailed information about your energy usage can be seen on your IHD, which makes it easier to identify situations where you’re likely to consume a lot of energy, and help you find ways to reduce your energy consumption. Seeing how much energy you're using as you use it means that on those cold winter nights when you might be worried about the cost of turning up the heating, you can stay warm and know exactly what it's costing you. Having this information also means you’ll be able to switch to a better deal more confidently. Contact your supplier to find out what's available. While all IHD will provide the same minimum information by law, they won't all look the same, because the display is provided by different energy suppliers themselves. But no matter what your display looks like, your IHD will make you firmly control of your energy use.

TOPSCOMM can provide you with the Consumer Interface Unit (CIU), similar to IHD, which can assist you control your own electric energy use better. CIU can give you an easy and friendly interface for operating the smart meter. You can check your energy consumption and recharge by entering prepayment tokens.

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