PVTLT4-10K-DX Photovoltaic Power Inverter

PVTLT4-10K-DX is a Topscomm self-developed photovoltaic grid connected power inverter, it is integrated with the latest PLC communication technology and intellectual property owned photovoltaic plant monitoring and management system.

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    Qingdao, China
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Topscomm photovaltaic power inverter (PV inverter) is featured with T type three-level architecture, the max. efficiency is over 98% which is higher than most of the similar products. The product is equipped with MPPT technology and combined the Topscomm PLC communicaton module, it is capable to achieve quick and precise fault positioning function, is able to greatly reduce the labor intensity of in large power solar power plants and also improve the  power generating capacity.

Max. efficiency
Euro efficiency 97.80%

MPPT adaptation efficiency

DC Input

Max. PV Power


Max. DC Voltage


Max. DC Current (Each MPPT Unit
AC Output

Max. AC power

11000 VA

Nominal AC Output


Frequency of AC Output

50/60 Hz

Max. AC Current


Power Factor

0.8 leading~0.8 lagging 



More parameters




Wall mounted

Ambient temperature range


Relative humidity


Protection degree





Nature Conversion

Noise emmission




  • 1.T type three-level architecture solar power inverter;
  • 2.Rated output power: 8/10/30kW;
  • 3.The range of input voltage:0-1000V;
  • 4.2~3 MPPT ( maximum power point tracking) units;
  • 5.Three phase four wire grid-connected;
  • 6.The maximum total harmonic distortion of grid-connected current <5%;
  • 7.Graphical LCD display;
  • 8.Low voltage ride through, reactive power support, and islanding prevention function.
  • 9.Adopts PLC communication;
  • 10.Solar panel fault detection is accurate to single panel;
  • 11.Self-cooling , simple maintenance and low noise.
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