Overhead Lines Fault Indicator

Topscomm fault indicator is used on the overhead lines of the distribution network, to achieve the line status real-time monitoring, fault identification and positioning, to guide operation and maintenance work to ensure the reliability of power supply. 

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    Fault Indicator
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    Qingdao, China
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Topscomm transmission distribution fault indicator consists of two parts, namely, the Acquisition Unit and Collection Unit.

Acquisition Unit

The Acquisition unit is the core sensor of the whole transmission distribution fault indicator system. Relying on the small current self-taking technology and wireless communication technology, the acquisition unit is able to report real-time monitoring data to ensure the utility staff can keep tracking of the line conditions.

Line voltage 10kV
Line current
Fault indication

Phases short circuit, single-phase grounding faultshort-time fault, 

and permanent fault

Line status indicator

Indicator Ultra brightness LED
Visual angle 360°
Visual distance Day: 200m; Night: 500m

Short-range wireless communication, GPRS etc.;

Protection class
Operation environment Operation temperature

-40 ~ +70 °C

Storage temperature

-45 ~ +80 °C

Relative humidity

5%~95% (No condenser)

Service life
Operation life

>10 years

Electrical life > 2000 times

Collection Unit

The Collection Unit is the bridge between the Acquisition unit and the power distribution master station system. With the short-distance wireless and GPRS hybrid networking technology, the fault indicator system has achieved channel monitoring, switching and fault alarming functions.

Power supply
Main power
Solar power panel
12V maintenance-free storage battery
Short-range wireless communication, GPRS etc.;
GPS timing module
Athena gain


Initial starting time 35s
Starting again 1s
Accuracy 1μs
Protection class
Operation environment
Operation temperature
-40 ~ +70 °C
Relative humidity
5%~95% (No condenser)
Service life
>10 years

  • 1.Accurately collect the line current, electric field information, to identify the line conditions, supports current wave recording, and provides a wealth of operation information.
  • 2.Intelligent short circuit fault and single-phase grounding fault detection (short circuit earth/ground fault indicator), to eliminate false alarms and missing alarms
  • 3.With ultra brightness LED, equipped with various line status indicators, with automatic or remote reset function
  • 4.Short-range wireless and remote GPRS for hybrid networking, to achieve real-time communication between the main station/the collection unit and the acquisition unit
  • 5.High reliability power system: equipped with solar power battery and super capacitor, with dual power backup to ensure long service life
  • 6.Special tools for live installation or removal, is safe and convenient;
  • 7.With high protection class.
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