LPD30-DX Three Phase Power Supply Surge Protector

LPD30-DX low voltage surge protector is used for three phase power supply protection in low voltage AC power distribution system.

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LPD30-DX three phase power supply surge srotector is series connected between the AC power supply and its system devices, to protect the devices against various factors, such as the lightning, the electromagnetic & radiation interference, the surge pulse which is caused by switching effect, the inductive/capacitive loads' starting and ending, and the transient over-voltage etc.

Nominal discharge current
30 kA
Maximum discharge current
50 kA
Voltage protection level
≤2.5 kV
Series connected
Response time
Voltage type
3P4W (3*220/380V)
Protection type
 L-L, L-N
Operature temperature

  • 1.Withstanding high surge current and low residual voltage;
  • 2.With high accuracy and high anti-interference features;
  • 3.With wide dynamic range;
  • to record & display the lightning surge protection times;
  • 5.Wide application areas;
  • 6.Easy for installation.
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