JP Series Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet

Topscomm JP Series Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet is an integrated intelligent power distribution panel, it is combined with power distribution, metering, reactive power compensation, monitoring and electricity protection functions etc.

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    JP Series
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    Qingdao, China
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Topscomm low voltage distribution panel is widely applied in the applications like substations, industrial and mining enterprises, large-scale power plants, petrochemical enterprises, large-scale steel mills, and other high-rise buildings which are required power distribution, reactive power compensation and energy metering.

Rated Voltage
Rated Current
≤800A(Based on the rated current of Transformer)
1~3 (Optional)
Compensation Capacity
Compensation Mode
Three-phase compensation, Split-phase compensation or Hybrid compensation
Capacitor banks
1~ 13 banks
Grounding or lifting installation
Operating Temperature

  • 1.Automatic switching and manual switching function, switching threshold is configurable; with switching oscillation elimination function;
  • 2.The low voltage distribution panel is equipped with complete ground protection loops; with overload, short circuit, leakage, lightning protection function; with open-phase protection function on reactive power compensation branch;
  • 3.Stainless steel welded, is suitable to lifting & grounding installation;
  • 4.Use phase-selection switch as the main switching, realize no inrush current when cut-in, and ensure long service life of the low voltage distribution panel;
  • 5.With independently developed low voltage reactive power compensation controller, power distribution monitoring function is optional.
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