F30GTZ-DX Feeder Terminal Unit

F30GTZ-DX feeder remote terminal unit is mounted on the 10kV feeder line, to monitor and control the column switch, and realize the telemetering, telecommand, telesignalization and remote fault detection function.

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F30GTZ-DX intelligent feeder terminal unit (FTU) communicates with the automatic power distribution master station, keeps providing the power distribution system operation status and various parameters, including switch status, power parameters, phase-to-phase fault, earth fault and the relevant fault parameters. It also remains receiving and executing the commands of the power distribution master station, to regulate and control the power distribution equipment, and realize to achieve the fault location, fault separation, and rapid power recovery of the non-fault regions.

Power supply 
AC100V/220V Voltage Tolerance±20%
AC sampling 
AC100V/220V 1A/5A, class 0.5
DC 24 V, Resolution 2ms
Telecommand output
DC 30V, 10 A; AC 240V,10 A
Communication interface 2-RS 232 ports, 2-10/100 Ethernet ports
Communication protocol
IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 60870-5-101:2002
Operating temperature
Protection class

300mm (Diameter)*400mm (Height)

  • 1. Automatic power distribution FTU device;
  • 2.Monitoring the feeder line voltage, current, calculating and analyzing the active power, reactive power, power factor and harmonics;
  • 3.Monitoring the column switch status, the energy storage conditions, locking status, fault status information etc.;
  • 4.Receiving and executing commands of switching, charging operation from master station; local automatic or manual switching and charging. The device is also equipped with remote / local interlock function;
  • 5.Combing with multiple Feeder Terminal Unit (FTU) are able to realize line protection and fault regions automatic separating;
  • 6.Remote communication with the master station through PLC, Ethernet or GPRS etc.;
  • 7.Local communication with PC, HHU through serial communication port, blue-tooth etc.;
  • 8.Making statistics on switching times, actuation time, SEO time information etc., it is also able to store voltage and current waveform before or after faults occurred; 
  • 9.Data stores more than one year when power is off or communication is down;
  • 10.With self-inspection and self-recovery function;
  • 11.Equipped with backup power, seamlessly access when the main power is off, to ensure the device and communication continues operating over 15 mins.
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